Biden Administration Trying To Gauge The Woes Of Immigrants

Biden Administration Trying To Gauge The Woes Of Immigrants

Democrats made tall promises during the election campaign on one of the most widely debated subjects- ‘immigration. They promised to redress and fix the immigration policy and mechanism to a transparent and ethical one. They also vowed to give America a long-term solution to the problem.

Almost a year into the oval office, Biden has although been busy with the pandemic for a larger duration, and now after the passing of the infrastructure bill, attention has been brought onto the subject of immigration.

A pressing issue is being monitored by the Vice President, Kamala Harris as well, and recently highlighted by Trump during a television interview. However, the exterior analysis shows that the government is struggling to find the right balance of policy on immigration.

A wide spectrum of opinions exists within Democrats themselves. Although many are afraid to blurt it out outright, as it could upset one or the other faction and there may not be any backing on the subject. The issue is critical even from the perspective of the election, which is not clearly leaning on one end as of now.

The Republicans are leaving no stone unturned to bash the government and call them out, which sometimes becomes too apparent to ignore for the average voter as well.

An immigration reform group spokesman, Douglas Rivlin said, “It’s hard but they’ve got to do it”. He also added that “They’re going to face voters next year, all the people on the Hill. Biden isn’t, they are. And they have to be clear they’re pushing Biden to be the Democratic president we elected, rather than being scared of the issues because the politics are difficult.”

Biden had made a bold yet considerate statement where he said that their administration would try to figure out a way whereby the illegal immigrants who are stuck in the U.S. can be integrated into the society by means of citizenship. The number of such people runs into millions and can be very consequential, therefore it is very important how the scrutiny of the immigrant takes place, and what parameters are applied.

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“I don’t see it as the fault of the president per se or … these challenges that we’re facing today, solely falling on the shoulders of the president,” said Democratic Rep. Veronica Escobar, who is a representative from a district in El Paso, Texas, which is not too far from Juarez, Mexico. “It is a collective obligation that we have and I think Democrats have solutions and we need to lean in on them.”

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