Better Call Saul Michael McKean Guesses What His Finale Cameo Means

Better Call Saul: Michael McKean Guesses What His Finale Cameo Means?

Michael McKean, who played Chuck McGill in a flashback sequence in the series finale of “Better Call Saul,” is confused by the events of the episode because he hasn’t caught up on the AMC show yet. During the finale’s two flashbacks, Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) inquires as to where Mike (Jonathan Banks) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) would travel to if they had access to a time machine.

Mike and Walt both express deep remorse for actions they later came to deeply regret (Mike for accepting a bribe and Walt for leaving Gray Matter Technologies), but Jimmy avoids getting too personal.

After the final courtroom scene, in which Jimmy attempts redemption by confessing to his crimes and accepting a much longer jail sentence in order to clear Kim’s (Rhea Seehorn) name, the narrative flashes back to a conversation between Jimmy and Chuck, who committed suicide at the end of Season 3, as Jimmy brings his older brother groceries and the newspaper.

Even though Jimmy doesn’t ask Chuck the same question he does Mike and Walt, Chuck nevertheless imparts some wisdom to his younger brother: “If you don’t like where you’re heading, there’s no shame in going back and altering your course.” Chuck is seen reading H. G. Wells’s “The Time Machine” after Jimmy leaves.

Even though McKean remembers filming the show’s climactic last scene, he has no idea what happens next on the show or to his on-screen brother Jimmy. McKean discusses his return to “Better Call Saul” and attempts to analyze the importance of “The Time Machine” in a meticulous, spoiler-free interview.

What Many Episodes of “Better Call Saul” Season 6 Have You Watched?

My better half and I have only seen up to Episode 8, thus we have missed the most recent five. The most recent one was a monster episode, and it culminated in a battle between Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) and Lalo (Tony Dalton). In terms of television, that’s quite solid.

How Long Before The Season Finale Did You Learn That You Would Be Returning?

At the start of the previous season, I found out that I would be required for one more scene in the series finale, to which I enthusiastically responded, “Awesome.” To which they responded, “Okay, but don’t tell me anything Chuck wouldn’t know.” Since I already knew what would happen in my scene, I didn’t bother reading the rest of the script.

And I hope the story is appropriately conceived. I’m relieved I didn’t know what to expect, and everyone’s been extremely kind about keeping the situation a secret from me. The same goes for Twitter; I’m trying to avoid anything that can give me too much information.

Having Only Watched A Preview, What Do You Think Of “The Time Machine?”

Better Call Saul
Better Call Saul

I believe Chuck’s presence in this episode serves to emphasize the impossibility of time travel. Your choices, then, will have to be made on the go. And now we’re going back in time to a guy who didn’t make the best decisions, a guy who let a lot of smoldering issues finally catch fire and consume his life. Maybe at that moment, Chuck had a taste of what the future could be like if you shaped it just so. Even “The Time Machine” is all about a future that wasn’t shaped very well.

Perhaps it’s about how much of your own future you can shape. Just don’t mess this up. This is a statement made by a man whose future was already in the process of being blown up [Chuck]. Simply put, he was unaware of the situation. Because of his complicated emotions, his jealousy, and his inability to win over others the way Jimmy does, he was trapping himself.

How Far Back In Time Do You Think Chuck Would Travel If He Had A Time Machine?

Obviously, his mental instability must be included. Despite Chuck’s apparent lucidity, something else proved dominant. possibly something that shouldn’t have Only the instant of your death is truly present. If Chuck had possessed a time machine, he would have used it to try once more to persuade his parents to be stricter with Jimmy so that he would not shirk his responsibilities and eventually straighten out and get his s**t together.

But listen, by the time Jimmy was 18, Chuck had already left for law school and had well forgotten about everything. It’s possible that he simply didn’t realize that he had a choice to do the correct thing. So, I’m not sure what to think.

How Did You Feel About What Happened To Howard (Patrick Fabian) In The Seventh Episode?

Wow. Staggering. My wife and I watched it with our mouths agape, and I had to take great care not to have anything spoiled. Let’s start with the obvious: Patrick Fabian is a fantastic performer. And just as his personality was coming into sharp relief, it was, of course, obliterated. The effects were devastating.

Despite our less-than-perfect assessment of him as a person, we invested a great deal in this guy. All these little things, all these minute details, are what makeup humans, and you could see it in his relationship with his wife and in his advice on how to get the fizz out of a soda can. In spite of appearances, there is more to a person than meets the eye.

Chuck’s Presence Is Felt In The Episode Even After His Death; His Portrait Hangs In The Mediation Room. What Does That Mean To You?

Better Call Saul Season 6
Better Call Saul Season 6

From a theatrical standpoint, I enjoyed it. Rather than “Big Brother is watching,” it’s more like a surrogate dad is keeping an eye on things. That’s the sense I got from [Howard and Chuck’s] connection.

What Do You Think “Better Call Saul” Will Leave Behind Now That The Series Ended?

We can only hope that this will inspire people to take TV writing seriously. My wife and I have a running joke about how much we enjoy stories in which our initial impressions of a character are either shattered or expanded into something wonderful. During the filming of “Say Anything,” I had similar feelings toward John Mahoney, who plays Skye’s father. This man has our undying affection…until we don’t.

The key is in the fantastic writing; we don’t see it coming. All that counts is that folks tune in to find out what goes on. There’s no requirement for affection toward the characters on screen. There’s no need to have an unwavering rooting interest; in fact, it’s preferable if your feet can be swept out from under you.

How Do You Feel About Chuck and Jimmy’s Relationship?

The bond between Chuck and Jimmy was intricate. It expanded enormously, and Peter [Gould], Vince [Gilligan], and Tom [Schnauz] have always acknowledged that a lot of what Bob [Odenkirk] and I accomplished inspired them as to where the story was going to go. That’s something of which I’m rather proud.

Bob and I learned as we went along how to make a relationship of that level of intricacy work and be theatrically viable for the rest of the show. Also, no one has ever had to say, “Hey, my character wouldn’t say that” on “Better Call Saul.” The writers were so confident in their direction that they would try out any suggestion that came from the set. Everyone is super pleasant, clever, and hilarious, and the working environment is ideal. Honestly, that’s the ideal job description for anyone.

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