Barrett Carnahan Wife
Barrett Carnahan Wife

Exploring the Love Story of Barrett Carnahan and His Wife, Nina Kubicki!

Over ten years ago, Carnahan and Nina, his wife, first met on a bus. In the caption of a photo of Nina taken in January 2021, Carnahan wrote, “Ten years ago I took a shot in the dark and sat next to you on a bus.”

“One of my favorite things to do is close my eyes, vividly remember that moment, then open them to look at this image. My favorite photo of you. Gonna be a tough one to top.”

In the middle of June 2018, they became engaged. In July 2018, Carnahan posted on Instagram that he was “engaged and happier than ever.” Laughingly, he continued,

“Nina’s black dress was billowing behind her in the wind at one point, and all I could think of was the final shot of The Dark Knight and it was a special moment for me.” Nina’s choice of attire, he said, “made biking with her extra special.”

A 2019 rumor claimed that Carnahan was dαting Isabel May, a member of his Alexa & Katie cast. According to the allegations, Carnahan was ready to call off his engagement to Nina to date May. The rumors were untrue, though.

The June 2020 wedding of Carnahan and Nina was postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. Ultimately, they were united in marriage in an outdoor ceremony witnessed by their loved ones. Carnahan mentioned the first day he met Nina again in his Instagram wedding announcement.

Barrett Carnahan Wife

“Ten years ago, I took a risk and sat next to you. Ten years later, I married you,” Carnahan wrote. Nina shared Instagram pictures from the couple’s wedding to mark their June 17, 2021, anniversary. She noted that she didn’t experience any nerves on her wedding day:

“I can remember sitting in the bridal suite minutes away from heading to the ceremony. I remember everyone asking if I was alright or nervous. But most of all, I remember not being nervous, not even a little bit because I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be with who I was meant to be with.”

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Does Nina and Carnahan’s Have Son?

Nina made her pregnancy announcement in an Instagram post from January 23 that included sonograms and the baby’s due date. “Sweet baby, we haven’t met you yet but you are already our everything. Made up of and surrounded by a love that will forever move mountains for you,” Nina wrote.

Henry arrived on July 20, 2022, five days ahead of schedule. Photos of Henry have often been posted on Nina’s Instagram since birth. Henry’s small hands encircled his parents’ index fingers in a late April 2023 picture that Nina commented, “Cherishing every moment.”

Henry’s presence has probably lessened the loss of Nina’s dog Lilly. Nina revealed the sad news that Lilly, her loyal friend of 13 years, had passed away a few days earlier in a post on March 12th, 2023. Nina claimed that Lilly brought a lovely light into her life. She went on:

“I never wanted to imagine what my life would be like without you in it and I’m still struggling heavily to accept that my life has to go on without you but I’m so glad I got to love you for all of yours. I desperately hope to see you in my dreams soon. I love and miss you so much it hurts.”

“Happy 13th Birthday, my sweet girl. More than anything I wish I could be spending it with you, but I hope that, wherever you are, you are spending it rolling in the grass, soaking in the sunshine, and enjoying an endless amount of toys and bones. I love you so much, Lilly,” Nina captioned a subsequent post.

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