Netflix: Bard Of Blood’s Meaning Hints At A Shakespearean Tale With A Modern Twist!

Bard Of Blood

In a thrilling spy thriller, Netflix’s Bard of Blood tries to take inspiration from Shakespeare. Netflix must constantly produce content to meet the requirements of its global audience or risk falling behind competitors such as Amazon’s Prime Video.

Bard of Blood, a gritty modern espionage thriller from India’s Red Chillies Entertainment, is the most recent addition to Netflix’s global content pool. Bard of Blood aims to compete with Amazon’s Jack Ryan series by delivering a compelling spy-based story of its own.

But what does the title actually imply, and does it allude to the story’s themes?

What Is Bard Of Blood About?

The eight-episode series, which will premiere on Netflix on September 27th, appears to be inspired by Amazon’s Jack Ryan series and Bilal Siddiqi’s original 2015 novel The Bard of Blood.

Bard of Blood recounts the story of a former spy turned college professor who returns to action to fight terrorists in the Pakistani Balochistan desert.

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What Does Bard Of Blood Mean?

The title Bard of Blood refers to the protagonist, Kabir Anand nicknamed Adonis, who took up teaching after retiring from the world of espionage. Not only that, but he went on to become a Shakespeare professor.

Kabir is initially encountered in Mumbai, where he is teaching, but he is swiftly convinced to join the fight. However, the label comes from the fact that, in addition to being the most famous playwright in history, William Shakespeare was also known as a bard, or, to put it another way, a professional storyteller, verse-maker, or musician.

As a result, Kabir’s enthusiasm for Shakespeare has earned him the moniker the Bard.Bard Of Blood

Could The Title Hint At A Shakespearean Tale?

Given the protagonist’s fondness for William Shakespeare’s work, it’s only natural that a number of Shakespearean motifs find their way into the plot. And, based on the trailer for Bard of Blood, it appears like there will be enough drama, with hints of treachery, love, and loss, and a focus on someone’s enigmatic history.

If you ignore the fact that the plot revolves around a modern spy and terrorists, the topic may well have been plucked from a Shakespeare play. When Bard of Blood premieres on Netflix on September 27th, we’ll know if we’re correct.

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