Bad Bunny Greets Uvalde Alleged Victim In San Antonio
Bad Bunny Greets Uvalde Alleged Victim In San Antonio

Bad Bunny Greets Uvalde Alleged Victim In San Antonio

Bad Bunny, who will play this Friday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, showed once again on Wednesday that he cares deeply for the people of Uvalde.

Eliahna “Ellie” Garcia, 9, and her parents, Steven Garcia and Jennifer Lugo, wrote in a Facebook post after the concert that they were treated to a luxurious suite in the Alamodome courtesy of Bad Bunny.

On May 24, a school shooting took the lives of 19 students and 2 instructors, including Eliahna. Eliahna’s parents, four sisters, and relatives lived to see her pass away. This week marked the first week that some kids in the Uvalde school system returned to classes after the shootings. You can also read about Bad Bunny Alamodome Concert details.

Garcia claimed in the post, which was picked up by that Lugo had been seen in public with a necklace featuring a picture of their daughter.

“Tonight, our lovely Ellie is joining us to share the experience!!!!! Baby, I love you so much!! This evening, we’re going to #LiveLikeEllie,” Garcia tweeted. “Bad Bunny Uvalde is in the HOUSE!” “Thank you again.

Garcia claims to be a big admirer of Bad Bunny. I’ll never be able to repay this man for opening our eyes to a new kind of live performance. Do you want to know How Long Will Be Bad Bunny Concert?

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, has previously donated to the families of Uvalde. Both he and the Good Bunny Foundation, a charity he founded, helped to pay for the construction of a new home for Uvalde survivor Mayah Zamora and her family with money donated by the Correa Family Foundation, an organization Carlos Correa founded after his time with the Houston Astros.

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