Backstage With Katherine Ryan Season 2 Canceled
Backstage With Katherine Ryan Season 2 Canceled

Backstage With Katherine Ryan Season 2 Canceled by Amazon Prime Video!

Backstage With Katherine Ryan Season 2 Canceled: The second season of Katherine Ryan’s comedy special Backstage With Katherine Ryan will not premiere on Amazon Prime, according to Katherine Ryan. According to the British Comedy Guide, she is now testing a game show for Comedy Central.

The stand-up showcase Backstage, which featured comedians performing and discussing their sets offstage, has not been recommissioned, according to Ryan, who made the announcement today on her Telling Everybody Everything podcast. This is because it was too expensive to produce and didn’t draw a big enough audience.

In the previous year, performances by Frankie Boyle, Jimmy Carr, Sarah Millican, Jo Brand, Sara Pascoe, Tom Allen, Sue Perkins, Nish Kumar, Joel Dommett, Russell Kane, Rob Beckett, and Rosie Jones were captured by the series’ creators, Expectation Entertainment (Alma’s Not Normal, The Lateish Show With Mo Gilligan).

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Seann Walsh, Nick Mohammed, Judi Love, Darren Harriott, Desiree Burch, Ivo Graham, Michelle de Swarte, and Joanne McNally were among the comedians who appeared in the six 30-minute episodes that aired in June. Geoff Norcott served as Ryan’s sidekick by penning roasts that Ryan used to introduce the other comics.

Despite the show’s popularity, Ryan remarked, “It’s not coming back because we shot it during the pandemic and they were double PCR-testing everyone in the crowd every day; it costs so much money to do all that.”

He replied, “And then I caught Covid — spoiler alert, if you haven’t seen it, fuck you, you’re the reason it’s not coming back,” in a lighthearted manner. “ Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to postpone the final day entirely; hopefully, insurance will help with the costs.

Backstage With Katherine Ryan Season 2 Canceled
Backstage With Katherine Ryan Season 2 Canceled

“The show was warmly appreciated, but considering its high production expenses and high standards of quality, its low numbers were disappointing. Unfortunately, it won’t be brought up again. However, we must continue.”

Katherine Ryan states, “Something fresh and exciting is occurring soon, and if you haven’t seen Backstage With Katherine Ryan, I genuinely stand behind it on Amazon Prime Video, a beautiful show that showed so many of my friends and comedians that I adore.”

The Netflix series The Duchess and two stand-up specials were among the Canadian comedian’s previous productions. She has never received an Amazon commission before.

Some critics praised Backstage, while others said it was “just another comedy show with a shadow one running backstage. It’s funny and grants us moments of insight – but only enough to make it feel like a missed opportunity.” Those are some strange words coming from the Guardian.

An episode in which Ryan and Pascoe discussed fictitious s*exual offenders attracted much attention from the national media. It was revealed a month ago that Ryan was filming the Make It Hard game show’s debut episode.

The broadcast’s origin and other details, however, were vague. According to the ticketing website Standing Room Only, the program promised “four of the funniest guests in the country,” a celebrity co-host with Ryan, “daft questions, esoteric facts, and laughter aplenty.”

BCG noted that Youngest Media developed the 30-minute unaired pilot for Comedy Central. Youngest Media produces moneybags on Channel 4 with Craig Charles.

Ryan currently performs her stand-up show Missus on stage. It was revealed last month that Louis Theroux, who recently conducted a series of interviews for the BBC, had been accompanying her on tour. Joe Wilkinson and the comedian are now filming Joe and Katherine’s Bargain Holidays, a travel program for Channel 4.


Amazon Prime Officially Canceled Backstage With Katherine Ryan Season 2. Katherine Ryan has confirmed that the second season of her comedy special Backstage With Katherine Ryan will not air on Amazon Prime. Must visit our


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