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A middle-class family who travels back 10 years to experience a different lifestyle five decades in Australian history too. Back in Time for Dinner is produced by Wall to Wall and is a British lifestyle television series. Back For Dinner was released and broadcasted on BBC Two on 17 March 2015. Each series takes one family and immerses them in the life of past decades. Annabel Crabb guides the Ferrone family, back through history as they cook, eat, and live, from Australia’s Federation to the 1940s.

We all fell in love with the Ferrone family and the entire series in which they took time-travelling challenges once again. Carol, Peter, Sienna, Julian, and Olivia, have experience of living through 60 years of Australian history from the 1950s right through to the present day and experiences the same again

In this series, this average family of five, who are all comfortably settled in a very modern world, are back and have to source, cook and eat their way ‘further back in time – through, a pandemic,a plague, two World Wars, and the Great Depression. The Ferrone’s will experience many difficulties in history that we are currently experiencing in 2020. Along the way, the family will also meet remarkable people who have interesting stories of the times or have played a part in our food revolution.

Back For Dinner Release Date

Back For Dinner

This series is about a family travelling back in time to experience the food and lifestyle in every decade and the changes made to those food habits. Back in Time for Dinner is a Tv mini-series showing the exciting adventure of the family who went back in time to experience the same adventure they felt earlier. The first season was released on May 29th 2018 which created a lot of craze among the Australian audience. This series had seven episodes and each episode is for 1 decade.

After the growing craze for the series and enormous love towards it, the second season was released on the 1st of September 2020. The second season of Back for Dinner has five episodes which also shows 1 episode is similar to 1 decade. Further episodes for this series have not been announced yet but with the growing love from the series, it might soon be on air.

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Back For Dinner Cast

The cast of Back for dinner has many different characters but the main character in this story is Annabel Crabb. Also starring the Ferrone family, mother Carol, father Peter, 17-year-old son Julian, 14-year-old daughter Sienna and 10-year-old daughter Olivia

Annabel is the main character who explains the story and guides the Ferrone family through their travel back in time and helps them experience the lifestyle, food, and every experience they had. She tells the story to the audience and relates with them. The family experiences everything from pandemics, Pague, and wars to new events during their time travel, all making new friends and living a different lifestyle.

Back For Dinner Plot

Back In Time For Dinner, one British family travels to discover how a post-war revolution in food has changed the way we live now. The series started in 1950 guided by real records of what all families ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each episode shows 1 decade and consists of 1 hour each. While the family adapts to a new lifestyle and starts experimenting with the food and learning various new types of dishes. With each decade being passed the first season ends with the family travelling 60 years back in time, the Ferrone’s go into the future and get a glimpse of what may likely be on our plates. The family also experience the impact the experiment has had on their lives

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Back in Time for dinner has brought a lot to the plate. This series has drama adventure and has constantly built up a lot of interest among the audience and was loved a lot by Australian audiences. This series shows a lot of events and experiences related to daily life and also keeping the interest of the viewers constantly intact. As interesting as it is, we all are waiting for what will be next in this show and what new experience will the Ferrone family have.


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