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Sarah Fletcher

Are you burnt out yet?

According to the latest stress study by the Mental Health Foundation 74% of people in the UK have felt unable to cope due to stress, the effects of which include poor sleep, anxiety and depression.

Do you feel lonely when working from home?

Half of the UK workforce expected to be working remotely by 2020, and expert and psychotherapist Dr. Aaron Balick says that loneliness is amongst the biggest contributors to our poor mental health.

Younger employees are too scared to tell their boss if they are ill

A health survey issued today has found that more than 40% of UK workers have a hidden health issue that they have never told their bosses about. It also showed that younger employees are the most likely to be economical with the truth about their health than older employees.

Sheffield Repair Shed

You don’t really need to chuck it out, most things can be repaired, it just takes a bit of effort and time, but doing so helps your pocket and ultimately the planet.

Wheelchair user is forced to ‘wet himself’

A wheelchair user says he was “forced to wet” himself when he was left at a bus shelter for an hour.

Edinburgh Fringe award winning show comes to Sheffield

The 2019 Edinburgh Fringe ‘Comedian’s Choice Award’ winning show, ‘Joz Norris is dead. Long live Mr Fruit Salad’, is coming to Sheffield’s regular story telling night at Shakespeare’s on Thursday 21st November at 7:30.

Gorilla Poetry Night Sheffield

Gorilla Poetry is Sheffield’s regular open mic night at Kelham Island’s pub, the ‘Gardener’s Rest’.

Sheffield Vegan Market

The Sheffield Vegan Market comes to The Moor, in the centre of the city for the first time this November.