Who Is Austen Kroll Dating Is He With The Southern Charm Star
Who Is Austen Kroll Dating Is He With The Southern Charm Star

Who Is Austen Kroll Dating? Is He With The Southern Charm Star?

Trop Hop founder Austen Kroll has had his fair share of romantic problems since Season 4 of Southern Charm premiered. He had a succession of less-than-simple relationships with a number of other Bravo stars after his relationship with Chelsea Meissner ended peacefully. In this article, you will read about who Is Austen Kroll Dating? So keep reading:

In both Winter House and Summer House, his friendships with Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller ruled the plotlines, and his breakup with Madison LeCroy dominated Season 7 of Southern Charm. In Season 8 of Bravo’s original series, Austen has found a new love.

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Austen can be seen embracing Olivia Flowers in a teaser clip for Season 8. The show will reveal how Olivia and Austen met and how their romance began for viewers to tune in. It’s possible that fans are questioning if the two are currently dating.

Who Is Austen Kroll Dating?

Austen Kroll
Austen Kroll

Austen Kroll appeared in the fourth season of Southern Charm in 2017. Since then, he has been on the show on a regular basis. While on a two-week winter vacation in Stowe, Vermont, Kroll appeared on a reality show called Winter House, which features cast members from Summer House and Southern Charm. Are you interested in knowing who Is Austen Kroll Dating?

Kings Calling Brewing Co. is the star’s own brewing company, and he has his own beer brand. Additionally, Kroll has an extensive love life, most recently spending time with his Southern Charm co-star Olivia Flowers after their split in 2015. In May 2022, Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green were photographed holding hands with the couple in Napa Valley.

On May 16, Kroll confirmed that the two are engaged. “Let us begin by saying that Olivia is a cast member, which we may do. I can’t wait to introduce her to the world! “according to Kroll’s account. Our concert has a new level of appeal thanks to her, in my opinion.”

Ciara Miller and Lindsay Hubbard, stars of Summer House, have been associated with Kroll in the past. According to reports, he also had a brief relationship with Madison LeCroy from 2018 to 2020. Brett Randle proposed to Madison LeCroy in October 2021, following their split. Keep reading to find out who Is Austen Kroll Dating?

Who Is Olivia Flowers?

The mystery surrounding Olivia Flowers continues. Season 8 of ‘Southern Charm’ has a new cast member. Olivia may be a newcomer to Southern Charm, but she has appeared on television before. Back in 2009, the 30-year-old appeared on a Teen Cribs episode.

Charleston, South Carolina is where the photographer grew up, but she also spent a lot of time in Dallas, Texas, where she recorded the Teen Cribs episode. Olivia’s father, Garry Flowers, was indeed the Executive Vice President of Fluor Corporation, an engineering and building firm, therefore she moved around a lot as a kid. Who do you think is Austen Kroll dating?

After graduating from Clemson University, she worked as a model in Los Angeles for a short time. Olivia returned to her hometown of Charleston before the pandemic lockdowns began, and she has not left since. On Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET, Bravo airs the latest series of Southern Charm. Is Austen Kroll dating Olivia?

Are Austen and Olivia Still Together After The Eighth Season Of Southern Charm?

It wasn’t long after her Southern Charm Season 8 casting was announced that fans began to speculate about Austen and Olivia’s relationship. In December 2021, their co-star Taylor Ann Green posted a snapshot of the two of them on her Instagram page, sparking a flurry of interest among followers.

At a Trop Hop release party, Taylor, Olivia, and Austen posed in front of a repeat and repeat with Taylor’s boyfriend, Shep Rose. Just over a year later, Taylor re-posted a photo from a vacation to Napa Valley she took with friends Shep, Austen, and Olivia. Olivia and Austen can be seen holding hands in one photo.

The two groups looked like they were on a vacation together as a couple. Austen revealed his relationship with Olivia during the NBCUniversal annual presentation in May 2022. Additionally, he revealed that they had met a year and a half ago and that they had first been friends before things progressed into something more serious.

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“You will definitely see where it begins, then how it finishes,” Austen promised of how much of their connection will be portrayed on the show. “And when I try to figure it out, it surely is some ebb and flow.”

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