Astra Lost in Space Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

astra lost in space season 2
astra lost in space season 2

Astra Lost In Space was one of the most popular anime series when it first aired, and it is still considered to be one of the best space shows in the history of anime. After the conclusion of the first season of Astra Lost In Space, fans began to inquire about the possibility of a second season. For two years after its premiere, the show’s review and plotline have received relatively little attention, despite the fact that they are deserving of greater attention from the public. It has a lot to offer its viewers in terms of entertainment. As a result, we are still waiting for the premiere of the second season of this popular show.

Astra Lost In Space, also known as Kanata no Asutora in Japan, is a science fiction space anime series that premiered in 2001. In fact, it is an adaptation of the same-named manga series written and illustrated by Kenta Shinohara, which premiered in 2016 and ran until 2017, with a total of 5 volumes published in total. Lerche Studio followed the manga series for the anime adaptation, which premiered in July 2019 and was directed by Masaomi Andou. The anime adaptation was released in September of the same year and was directed by Masaomi Andou. It lasted only twelve episodes, and now we’re looking forward to Astra Lost in Space Season 2, which will air in 2019.

Astra Lost In Space Season 2 Release date 

astra lost in space season 2 release date
astra lost in space season 2 release date

They are eagerly awaiting the release of the sequel, which has received a high rating and has a large fan base. However, the production studio no longer has any source material to adapt for the upcoming season, and the mangaka has given us no indication that she will return to make the sequel. It is therefore unlikely that Astra Lost In Space Season 2 will be renewed by the producers if there isn’t enough material to go around. As a result, given the current situation, it is almost certain that the anime series will not be revived. According to our estimates, Astro Lost in Space only has a couple of OVA episodes.

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Astra Lost In Space Season 2 Plot

The anime’s story takes place in the year 2063, at a time when commercial space travel is becoming more widely available. Aries Spring, the main character, decided to attend a camp on another planet named McPa in the hopes of finding some excitement and adventure. At the spaceport, a thief, on the other hand, stole her purse. However, a man by the name of Kanata Hoshijima was able to recover it.

Meanwhile, the group led by Kanata and Aries experienced a deterioration after arriving at the campsite. They were sucked into outer space by an unexplained black light. All of this caused them to lose hope, but they were fortunate enough to discover a ship that could be used to return home. When they realized they were a long way from home, they all worked together to overcome the darkness of the space by thinking strategically.

Astra Lost In Space Season 2 Spoilers

astra lost in space season 2 spoiler
astra lost in space season 2 spoiler

Despite the fact that there haven’t been any official side stories or spin-offs yet, we expect Season 2 to answer a lot of interesting questions for us. It is also possible that the story will take a new turn and will go in a different direction than expected. Perhaps we’ll get a glimpse into Kanata’s personal life as well. Despite the fact that we are unsure whether or not a new season will be released anytime soon, our expectations are high. Keep up with us to get the latest news on new spoilers and other news.

Astra Lost in Space Characters & Cast

An athletic young man who dreams of one day becoming the captain of his own spaceship Kanata Hoshijima (Cast: Yoshimasa Hosoya, who also voiced Reiner Braun from ‘Attack on Titan’) The de-facto leader of the group has been elected.

As a young girl, Aries Spring (voiced by Inori Minase, who also performed the role of Itsuki Nakano in ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’) is a snarky and outgoing individual who enjoys making friends with everyone.

The main character, Quitterie Raffaeli (voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya, who also voiced Kumiko Oumae from ‘Hibike! Euphonium,’) is a reserved young lady who dreams of becoming a doctor.

He is a mischievous young man who dreams of becoming an artist. Luca Esposito (voice of Risae Matsuda, who has also voiced Atsumu Miya from the anime series Haikyuu): A mischievous young man who dreams of becoming an artist.

Mr. Charce Lacroix (Cast: Nobunaga Shimazaki, also known as Yuki Souma from the anime ‘Fruits Basket’). A handsome young man who has a fascination with extraterrestrials.

Ulgar Zweig (voiced by Kouki Uchiyama, who also provided the voice of Izumi Miyamura from the anime ‘Horimiya’): A depressed young man who is uninterested in other people.

In ‘The Honor at Magic High School,’ Yunhua Lu is a tall young woman who tries hard not to stand out. She is voiced by Saori Hayami, who has also voiced Miyuki Shiba in other animes.

The character of Zack Walker (voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi, who also performed the role of Brawler in ‘Akudama Drive‘) is a stoic young man who was Quitterie’s childhood friend.

Funicia Raffaeli (Cast: Hina Kino, also known as Hanako Honda from ‘Asobi Asobase’) is Quitterie’s younger, adopted sister. Funicia Raffaeli is the younger, adopted sister of Quitterie. She is accompanied by a puppet named Beego.


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