ARMY Raised Safety Concerns About BTS Busan's Venue
ARMY Raised Safety Concerns About BTS Busan's Venue

ARMY Raised Safety Concerns About BTS Busan’s Venue

ARMY raised safety concerns about BTS Busan’s venue about the security of the original platform, a makeshift stage at a disused glass factory site near Ilgwang Beach in Busan, and the K-pop superstars’ “Yet To Come in Busan” concert has been moved to Asiad Main Stadium.

On Friday, HYBE posted a statement to BTS’s Weverse page to calm fans’ nerves. We first decided to organize the concert in Ilgwang after thoroughly researching other venues in Busan and determining their suitability for the proposed event. We worked closely with Busan City, the police, the fire department, and the Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail) to plan the event so attendees would have the easiest time getting to and from the venue.

The event has been moved from a particular stage near Ilgwang Beach to the Busan Asian Main Stadium to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees and successful performance. According to HYBE, the performance’s focus would continue to be on promoting Busan’s bid for the 2030 World Expo. BTS will be representing the Expo as an ambassador. You can also find details relating to BTS with their twitter account or other social media platform.


While the concert’s original location has changed, other aspects of the program, such as the Livestream that will be screened at the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal Outdoor Parking Lot and the global webcast, will continue as planned. However, the Asiad Main Stadium can only hold 60,000 people, while the original projections called for 100,000 people to attend the BTS event (50,000 seated and 50,000 standing).

Many spectators protested the original setting since there would have been only one entrance gate reachable by the nearest subway line. Only public transportation will be allowed in and around the location on the concert day.

The former manufacturing site lacked adequate dining and bathroom facilities for such a huge gathering. Some attendees wouldn’t be allowed to eat from when they arrived at the location until the show’s end.

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