Are The Rumors About Joel Osteen Divorced True? Viral News

Are The Rumors About Joel Osteen Divorced True? Viral News

Maybe you looked up Is Joel Osteen Divorced or Is Joel Osteen married on the Internet. We don’t know for sure. Keep on reading.

There is so much inconsistency in what people have said about the popular minister’s married life that it may be impossible to find out the truth about it. They are the only people who would know for sure. With that said, there was a rumor years ago that he had split up with his wife (that was later proven untrue). Here, we’ll try to clear up all the false rumors that people have about us.
As a rule, you should only believe when you’re ready to do so. When someone on TV or video says something, you should believe them. If someone on the Internet says something, you should not believe them unless you can find three other sources that back them up.

So at the beginning let us know about Joel Osteen…

Who Is Joel Osteen?

Joel Osteen Divorced

Houston, Texas-based pastor, and televangelist Joel Osteen is a well-known figure in the world of faith. Before taking over the leadership of Lakewood Church in 2005, he was the son of a preacher. In 1999, he gave his first sermon, and in 2005, he took over the leadership of the church. Today, 43k people show up in person to hear him preach every week, and 13 million people around the world watch it on TV.
Joel Osteen, who doesn’t have a traditional divinity degree and has never studied religion, is the person who spreads prosperity theology. Prosperity theology, also known as the positive confession movement, is based on three main beliefs: God wants good Christians to be rich and happy; faith, not works, determines whether a person is saved; and sickness comes from the mind/spiritual realm, not the body.

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As of this writing, Osteen’s net worth is $50 million. He says that none of it comes from his church. A lot of his money comes from book sales, he says. In the last two years, he has written six bestsellers, starting with “Your Best Life Now,” which was on the New York Times bestseller list for more than 150 weeks.

Instead of being a member of a single religious group, Osteen says he is non-denominational and doesn’t have to follow certain rules and expectations, which makes him freer. Even though Catholic priests can’t have wives, he’s been married to Victoria since 1987, even though they can’t.

Is Rumors About Joel Osteen’s Divorce???

The answer is a resounding no. The fact that Victoria has been Joel’s wife for more than 30 years, despite reports that the couple divorced years ago, is untrue.

We can’t confirm that he isn’t divorced or that he is, but we can depend on the information that has been provided by trustworthy sources. In 2007, the website published the following statement: “Recent rumors have circulated about the health of Victoria and Joel’s marriage. They are completely untrue! “God has been dealing with Victoria and Joel on certain personal growth areas in their lives…As a result, He has brought them closer together as husband and wife.” Is this a genuine statement about Victoria and Joel? Is it a fabrication? You make the call.

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Rumors are just that: rumors, according to Joel Osteen, when it comes to the speculation about his financial situation. Besides earning $70 million a year as the senior pastor of Lakewood Church, he also generates revenue from writing books, which has earned him the distinction of New York Times best-selling author with five titles to his credit.

Because of the success of his book, the couple now receives an additional $200,000 per year, at the very least, on top of their lavish lifestyle, which is dominated by Victoria, who has a famous purse collection worth more than half a million dollars, consisting of hundreds of bags that cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per piece and is worth more than half a million dollars!

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