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Are Google Pixel 3, 4, And 5 Still A Good Deal After The launch of Pixel 6?

Google Pixel 3 and its XL model are officially off the grid from their website, none the less you can still find them on another e-commerce website. Even if you are looking for a budget phone for under $500, it has an underwhelming RAM of 4GB, which is sure to hinder your multi-tasking experience not too long after the purchase.

As notified by Google, it shall also stop releasing updates for the phone, which would make it redundant and not a sound investment. Moving onto Pixel 4A, being the newer device, it boasts 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal memory and shall continue to receive updates for at least over a year, as notified by Google. The camera also poses better features and is a sub- $500 phone.

Google Pixel 5 had gained all the attention in 2020 with a powerful Snapdragon 765G Processor, and RAM twice of Pixel 3, i.e.  8GB.  Other landmark features like IP68 Certification protect it from Water and Dust damage. It also had the option of Wireless and reverse charging. The most talked-about 5G was also linked onto the device.

Launched on the higher end of the Spectrum at $699, with the arrival of its successor the Pixel 6 it poses itself as an attractive deal at a starting at around $449. The Pixel  6 and 6 Pro start their prices around $599 and $899 respectively.

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The Pixel 6 promises to pack a punch in the camera segment as it assures several new features like capturing more light and working on better zoom lenses. Coming with a custom chip from Google, it is expected to boost the photography experience. It is also hitting the headlines due to the new Tensor Processor that it shall be carried, as opposed to the standard Snapdragon processors all its predecessors used.

The Phone is also expected to be one of the first which support Android’s latest version Android 12, which makes things very exciting.

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