Apple May Include Iris Scanning Technology
Apple May Include Iris Scanning Technology

Is Apple Including Iris Scanning Technology Into Their Upcoming Mr/Vr Headset?

The iris scanning biometrics features planned to be included in Apple’s mixed reality headset will provide capabilities that are analogous to those of the Face ID biometrics system featured in recent iPhones and iPads. Iris ID would enable smooth user switching and allow users to authenticate payments without the need to input a password, according to a report from The Information.

Iris ID would also allow users to authenticate themselves without typing a password. The augmented reality and virtual reality capable device that has been under development at Apple for many years is eventually slated to be unveiled to the public sometime in 2023. The device has been in the works inside the firm for many years.

Reportedly, the Apple headset could identify the person using it by scanning their eyes as it was being put on. This would allow it to connect to the appropriate user account automatically. This capability would be made possible by the inclusion of iris biometrics sensors.

The iris scanning technology will also use the cameras, making it possible to use foveated rendering. To maximise performance, the headset will do this trick to track where the user is looking continuously. When the user moves their focus away from a portion of the scene, that portion of the location will be dynamically displayed with a lower resolution.

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Apple May Include Iris Scanning Technology

However, this should not be obvious to the human who is using the product, as the region that the human is immediately looking at will have the highest level of clarity and quality possible.

According to a rumour published by Information Today, the Apple headset’s physical design will reportedly be considerably unlike the recently launched Meta Quest Pro. The Quest Pro has the appearance of a plastic visor, whereas the Apple headset is rumoured to be constructed out of mesh fabric, aluminium, and glass, giving it a more upscale look overall.

Information About Apple’s Headset

Apple’s headset will enable prescription lenses to be magnetically mounted inside the headset, allowing users who require eyewear to use the device.

It is anticipated that Apple’s first headset product will be geared toward the high-end market and feature extremely high-resolution displays — one for each eye — in addition to an outward-facing collection that will show the facial emotions of the user while they are wearing the headset. According to some reports, the headset would include as many as a dozen cameras and will be powered by a chip that is analogous to the M2 chip present in the most recent model of the MacBook Air.

But there will be a cost associated with using all of these features. The rumoured price of Apple’s headgear is somewhere in the range of $2,000 to $3,000. The Meta Quest Pro was introduced this week with a price tag of $1500. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the company is “just about breaking even” on each sold unit.

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