Apple iPad 10th Gen Review
Apple iPad 10th Gen Review

Apple iPad 10th Gen Review: It is a Great Tablet But for Whom?

Here you will read about the Apple iPad 10th Gen Review. The 10th-generation iPad is both excitingly new and confusingly familiar simultaneously. On the one hand, it’s a big step up from the ninth-generation model with a completely new design (colors! ), USB-C, 5G support, and a bigger, more immersive screen. On the other hand, it’s now strangely similar to the latest iPad Air and iPad Mini models, which are arguably a better value when you compare them head-to-head.

There’s no doubt that the new iPad is a great tablet. It runs fast, has a bright screen, and has all the software tricks that make any Apple tablet a joy to use. But is it the iPad you need? Here’s what I think about it after spending a lot of time playing games, talking with friends, and writing this review.

The long-awaited switch from Lightning to USB-C to charge the new iPad may be even more critical than its unique look and shiny colors. This gives the iPad the same charging port as almost every modern tech device, including Apple’s MacBooks and higher-end iPads. It makes it instantly compatible with the many USB-C cables and accessories you might already have around the house.

Since I have many of these cables in every room of my apartment, it was great to charge my iPad with any of them instead of finding one of my few Lighting cables. If you’re upgrading from an older iPad, switching from Lightning to USB-C may cause compatibility problems (more on that later). Still, it’s great that Apple’s most popular iPad is finally using the industry standard.

The iPadOS Is Very Powerful and Works Well

The 10th-generation iPad offers the best tablet performance for the money. Apple’s latest tablet sped through every work I threw at it, even console-quality games like NBA 2K23.

The new iPad’s rapid performance is due to its A14 Bionic technology, which powers 2020’s iPhone 12 range and offers a minor but substantial boost over the A13 Bionic in the previous iPad. On Geekbench 5, the latest iPad’s multi-core results were double those of the ninth-gen model, on pace with the current iPad Mini and significantly higher than the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. The latest iPads didn’t score as well as the iPad Pro versions (which use Apple’s laptop-grade M2 CPUs), but they’re the best we’ve seen at this pricing.

You won’t notice a significant difference between the 10th- and 9th-gen iPads in day-to-day use, but the newer model is more future-proof and faster than the competition. With a Magic Keyboard Folio, the iPad replaced my laptop for most business duties.

Thanks to the A14 chip and iPadOS 16, I could multitask efficiently between Slack and Outlook in split-screen mode. iPadOS apps look better designed for a keyboard and trackpad than their Android counterparts, making the iPad a superior laptop replacement for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Many iPadOS 16’s main productivity capabilities, such as Stage Manager multitasking and external display support, are confined to Apple Silicon-powered iPads, like the iPad Air and Pro. What I did on a $449 tablet impressed me.

The new iPad’s battery life is reliable, lasting through an eight-hour workday and a lazy Sunday of gaming and live football streaming (thankfully, the Jets won). Video playback was the most significant drain – the iPad died after five hours of continuous 4K video — but regular on-and-off use likely won’t require more than once a day.

A Bright, Big Screen And Better Cameras

The new iPad’s smaller bezels allow for more screen space – 10.9 inches over 10.2 inches. It’s not enormous, yet it expands a vivid canvas. Horizon Chase 2’s colorful automobiles and Shovel Knight Dig’s pixelated graphics leaped off the screen, and Ant-Man: Quantumania’s video was crammed with meticulous detail.

The standard iPad display shows its age compared to the iPad Pro series. After becoming acclimated to my iPhone 14 Pro’s 120Hz ProMotion display, the iPad’s standard 60Hz screen feels sluggish while browsing apps and webpages.

Apple iPad 10th Gen Review

The 10th-gen iPad’s 12-megapixel TrueDepth front camera is now optimized for landscape orientation, which helped me stay centered during FaceTime sessions. Apple’s Center Stage technology followed my face to keep me focused wherever I moved. Center Stage isn’t new (it’s on the previous-gen iPad), but it’s fun to see in motion and worked reliably on FaceTime, and Webex calls.

The rear-facing camera has been enhanced to 12 megapixels (up from 8) and can shoot 4K video. This camera took decent photos of my dog and household things, but not as detailed as my iPhone 14 Pro. It’ll do in a pinch, but don’t expect it to replace your phone camera.

It’s Great To Have The Magic Keyboard Folio

I’ve been using the iPad with Apple’s new $249 Magic Keyboard Folio, which might be the best keyboard cover the company has ever made. Its keys are almost as good as the ones on my MacBook. The trackpad gives me plenty of room to move between apps and browser tabs.

And unlike Apple’s other iPad keyboards, like the $299 Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro, it has a whole row of physical function keys that you can tap to change things like brightness, volume, or audio playback. At least in terms of using a keyboard, it gives you the best laptop experience on any iPad.

The back cover of the Magic Keyboard Folio is just as reliable. It has a kickstand that can be adjusted to hold the iPad at different viewing angles. When it’s folded up, the whole thing has a solid layer of rubberized protection, and I love the two-tone look the white Folio gives my blue iPad.

I wish this useful accessory didn’t cost as much as $249, especially since the Smart Keyboard won’t work with older iPads because their sizes don’t match up. It’s also annoying that the Magic Keyboard Folio is only available for the 10th-generation iPad. This means that owners of all other models can’t use what we think is the best keyboard.

Still, you can always connect a Bluetooth keyboard or choose a cheaper third-party option like the Logitech Combo Touch. But if you buy the new Folio, you will significantly like it.

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