Apex Legends Patch Notes & Seer Nerf Update 1.78


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The tenth season of Apex Legends is underway and serves its players well. Still, many of the changes caused by the significant season updates have caused problems with gameplay and competitiveness. 

While we wait for the balance to change and the nerves to clear for Seer, Respawn also repairs some of the problems with him. Most of Seer’s balance changes will come next week, and Respawn will ensure that even minor adjustments help the game.   

Critical Changes In Seer Narf

Respawn Entertainment has released a few critical changes that fix bugs in the Seer capability. We have here full patch notes for the new update, and it includes changes regarding Seer and several weapons. 

One of the most popular changes that come into play today in the Apex Legends Update is the nerfing of Prowler and L-Star.  

At the beginning of the Season 10 update, there were some calls from the community for a nerf for the Prowler. Respawn confirmed on August 10 that no Nerf was planned for the new Legends Lake, but it seems that the fans have been waiting a little too long for it. 

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There will be a minor update on the balance, and Respawn promises that the credit will be passed on to the visionary in the coming weeks.    

The new patch for Battle Royale Apex Legends contains seers, a new legend, new weapons, an update to the World Edge map, and loads of weapons and characters’ buffs. 

Apex Legends Patch Notes New Update

The upcoming Apex Legends update will add a new heat shield survival item and bring recent balance changes, including a nerf for corrosive gas. The exciting thing about the patch notes for this update is that Respawn Entertainment has acknowledged the changes Seer needs.    

Apex Legends will receive the season 10 update and the Emergence update, and fans are curious about the patch notes for these updates.

Apex Legends is making changes to the Mastiff shotgun since it has received a Nerf. Gameplay changes were unnerving in Apex Legends Big Mastiff in the recent Apex Legends update. 

The game has changed its shotgun by adding a more pronounced Mastiff shotgun, which is stronger than the shotgun from the recent Season 9 Nerf.  

The first Patch of Apex Legends Season 10 includes a new legend, new weapons and characters, and loads of The new update will be released on August 10 and includes weapons, arena, and pricing changes. 

Respawn released the second patch update of Apex Legends for Season 7 on Tuesday during the Fight Night Collection. The update should come soon, and we can expect some changes to Seer in the coming weeks. 

The Mastiff was changed due to the controversy surrounding the character combined with the Nerf from last season 9.  

After their successful experiment with Wraith’s hitboxes, the developer notes that they are confident that they have solved the balance problems with small and large legends by replacing their kit hitboxes. 

Seer Nerf Adapted For SMG

In addition, Seers Respawn was adapted for Prowler, SMG, and L-Star, two weapons that came in APEX’s 10th season with a little too big a bang for the buck. For all weapons, the supply losses have been changed, and their statistics updated.   

The highly anticipated 10th season of Apex Legends features a brand new legend called Seer, new weapons, and many maps changes. So that everyone can see the latest map updates, Olympus will be the only card that rotates in the first week of the new season. 


Horizon is too powerful and popular not to do so, so we are making some changes. We will have a Battle Royale Arena, introduce a new legend, Valkyrie, new arenas, maps, Olympus map update, and much more.    

Much of the Apex community considers Seer overpowering, and Respawn seems to share this view. Asked what the studio thought of him as a balancing act, gameplay engineer RSPN Travis said: “Seer started with high hopes. 

It introduced many new gameplay elements, like the Seers HP Bar Interrupt, and caused a lot of discussion among the players, which was great to see.   

Seer made a strong debut in the power rankings when he arrived at Apex. A new legend, Seer, has dominated the meta, and the developers have made it even more powerful. A character called Seer is a romantic suspense writer who promises not to say anything.   

The changes are aimed at redistributing the vast power gap between their skills and making them better. Dropping includes removing the flash effect from Seerss Tactical and other balance changes. 

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