Android 13 (Go Edition)
Android 13 (Go Edition)

Material You Goodness Comes To Cheap Phones With Android 13 (Go Edition)

Google announced and gave details about Android 13 (Go edition) today. It has several big changes to the user experience and the technical functions that make it work. These changes are grouped under the “reliability, usability and customization” tentpoles.

To begin, Material You and wallpaper-derived Dynamic Color will generate “four corresponding color schemes from which to choose” (instead of 16 on the full release). Google demonstrated theming on the lock screen as well as Quick Settings, both of which are almost identical to those found on Pixel phones. The debut of Goes the year before ignored the design aspects to concentrate on adding a large number of features that are user-facing.

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If you swipe right from the home screen, you will be sent to a feed labeled “Discover.” It is not known whether it will be the same, but this could result in a significant extension of the “selected list of articles and other content” that is a standard feature on all other types of devices.

Android 13 (Go Edition)

Notification Permissions and App Language Preferences are two additional important features that are available in the complete version. Under the hood, Android 13 (Go edition) adds support for Google Play System Updates (Project Mainline), which helps “ensure devices can regularly receive important software updates, outside of the major Android release” via the Play Store.

These updates help “ensure devices can regularly receive important software updates, outside of the major Android release.” According to Google, this will not have an impact on the “storage available on the device.” Another significant modification is that Android Go hardware must now have a minimum of 2 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM) from Google.

The end result is a phone that maintains its level of functionality over time; as a result, you don’t need to wait for the next release or a software push from the maker of your phone in order to have access to the most recent and cutting-edge features.

Google also shared today that “there are now over 250 million monthly active devices powered by Android Go” and that to expect new Android 13 Go devices in 2023.

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