Amber Rose Show Canceled
Amber Rose Show Canceled

Amber Rose Show Canceled by VH1: Why She Was Disappointing?

Amber Rose Show Canceled by VH1: A TV chat show called The Amber Rose Show airs. Amber Rose, Christopher Donaghue, and Walter Mosley Jr. are the show’s leading actors. On July 8, 2016, VH1 aired the inaugural episode of The Amber Rose Show. There has only been one season thus far. Based on 82 user votes, the series presently has an IMDb rating of 5.3 out of 10.

Unfortunately, the series has been officially canceled by VH1. No preparations have been made for season 2. The Amber Rose Show season 2 status has recently changed; we’ve updated this site to reflect that. We regularly track the news to keep you informed.

Amber Rose Show Canceled by VH1

Muva Rose has only one more chance. VH1 has canceled the Amber Rose Show after just one season. MTV, VH1, and Logo President Chris McCarthy made a side comment in a Deadline interview about the chat program not returning for season two. The Amber Rose Show was executive produced by Jay McGraw, Dr. Phil McGraw, Carla Pennington, Patty Ciano, and Jeff Hudson for Stage 29 Productions.

Behind Her Shades Entertainment’s executive producers were Rose and Walter Mosley. Trevor Rose and Nina L. Diaz served as executive producers for VH1.

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How do you feel? Did you watch this VH1 TV show’s debut season? Do you believe that season two of the Amber Rose Show should have been canceled or renewed?

Why Amber Rose’s Black-ish Appearance Was Disappointing?

For a variety of reasons, Amber Rose has recently made headlines. She wrote and released the self-help book Bad Bitch. She criticized a GQ interview in which she was referred to as Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama and Kanye West’s “infamous ex.” The idea is that Rose has consistently taken charge of her story and emphasizes that she is an independent woman who knows what she wants.

The list goes on. She is also quite outspoken about the things she doesn’t desire, including being tagged in any way, as evidenced by the dress she wore at the 2015 VMAs. In light of all of these considerations, Rose’s guest appearance on last night’s episode of Black-ish came as a bit of a surprise. Dominique is a character played by Rose who once dated Charlie (Deon Cole).

He claims that she was the only woman he ever truly loved. Unfortunately, their passionate relationship ended when she went to launch her lifestyle company, and he became pregnant with a Cinnabon coworker. His wife forbade him from visiting Dominique after the birth of their son Eustace.

Amber Rose Show Canceled
Amber Rose Show Canceled

Charlie wants Dominique to change from being “the one who got away” to being “the one that got away, got with a bunch of other guys, and then came back to me when she was broke” as she arrives in town. Charming. Charlie and Dominique have been texting once more, but he is frightened to meet her since he believes his in-person performance is inferior to his texting.

Additionally, he doesn’t think his current life situation will impress her. Dominique appreciates well-kept homes and guys who comb their hair forward instead of behind. Charlie doesn’t have either of those. Here comes fate in the person of Dre (Anthony Anderson), who overdosed on anti-anxiety medication before a flight and unintentionally called Charlie to watch the children rather than the family’s regular babysitter, Charlotte.

When Junior (Marcus Scribner), Jack (Miles Brown), and Diane (Marsai Martin) learn that Charlie is pining after Dominique, they concoct a scheme to convince her to settle for Charlie. This plot is eerily reminiscent of a Nancy Meyers film, right down to the farmhouse sink kitchen renovation, homemade lavender-honey ice cream, cheese plate, and Diane Keaton’s Dominique is enchanted by how much Charlie’s life has improved since she last saw him. And everything goes as planned.

She even appreciates farmhouse sinks as he does. Sadly, he can’t bear deceiving her. Charlie decides to be honest, believing Dominique will value the truth. They will then embark on a joint voyage to Catalina. Of course, Charlie has a history of making poor choices, and you can add this to the list. Dominique runs out of the house because she can’t believe Charlie lied to her once more.

Dominique unexpectedly appears at Charlie’s door during the episode’s closing tag, just when you think that’s the last you’ll see of her. As if he hadn’t already abused her confidence once more, she tells Charlie that she cares about him. Charlie finally cuts through the BS. He says, “Care, or you’re out of money.” “Is it important?” Dominique nods.

She consents to travel to Catalina with him, as though everything else that has transpired between them is now just a distant memory. That is a depressing and unexpected moment. Amber Rose is indeed portraying a character. The “does it matter?” comment seems strange for Rose to be saying, given how much time she’s spent recently urging women not to discount their emotions or pay attention to insults directed at them (her VMA outfit featured the phrase “golddigger” among other things).

Maybe Dominique going back to Charlie was an act of empowerment in Rose’s eyes. She will utilize him for his money before dropping him like the iPhone from last year as long as it takes. They seem to be caught in a never-ending loop of using one another for money and emotional support.

Although it isn’t exactly healthy, it appears to be the one they have stumbled into, and that at least somewhat suits them. Charlie would be the clown or the idiot if Black-ish were Commedia dell’Arte. Thus it’s evident that all of his storylines are designed to be lighter and more humorous. Last night’s plot was precisely that, especially in light of all the gender-swapped love in Nancy Meyers’ rom-com.

But lately, Amber Rose has promoted herself as a role model for strong, independent women. Her followers pay attention to her even while she’s portraying a role on a sitcom. Last night, they witnessed a woman taking advantage of a man for financial gain after he regularly cheated on her and told lies to her.

We should try to get rid of cliché, standard female characters like these from television and movies, and Amber Rose has the platform to do it. The initial step would be to decline such a position.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Amber Rose Show

Has the Amber Rose Show been canceled?

The Amber Rose Show has been terminated. There won’t be a second season.

When did the first season of The Amber Rose Show air?

The debut of The Amber Rose Show took place on Friday, July 8, 2016.

The Amber Rose Show has how many seasons?

There has only ever been one season.

Is The Amber Rose Show on Netflix?

The Amber Rose Show’s Netflix availability can be checked at NetflixDates; we do not track Netflix release dates.

When does The Amber Rose Show start airing?

On VH1, The Amber Rose Show ran at 11:00 p.m. ET/ 9:00 p.m. PT. Additionally, you can research The Amber Rose Show’s broadcast timings in other time zones.

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