alyssa scott pregnant
alyssa scott pregnant

Is Alyssa Scott Pregnant Again? Why Do Her Fans On Instagram Believe So?

According to various reports, Alyssa Scott will become pregnant once more in the year 2022. This is because Nick Cannon is set to become a parent for the first time in 2018. When one thinks about being a father, the name Nick Cannon could be the first one that comes to mind. Cannon already has seven kids, and he and his wife expect their eighth child. His profound fondness for children and teenagers is well known to the general population.

Is Alyssa Scott Pregnant Again 2022?

Fans speculate that Alyssa Scott will become pregnant once more in the year 2022. Following Nick Cannon’s statement that the couple was expecting more children in 2018, these speculations began circulating. People had been talking about the possibility that he may have three children this year. During their partnership, he had twin babies on two separate occasions.

alyssa scott pregnant
Alyssa Scott pregnant

His first wife, Mariah, is the mother of his fraternal twin children, a boy, and a girl, who were born during their marriage. And the same year, 2021, DJ Abby De La Rosa became a mother to a pair of boys. As a result, many people talked about how he might have three children this year. On June 7, during an episode of the podcast titled “Lip Service,” he responded to the reports by making a lighthearted jest about the possibility of having more children.

He has made it public knowledge that he and model Bre Tiesi will be parents to a son. This means that she, and not Alyssa, is the one who is expecting a child. In July of 2021, they welcomed a son into the world and called him Zen. Sadly, Zen passed away from brain cancer when he was five.

Nick Cannon Confirms Upcoming Baby This Year- Is It With Alyssa Scott?

Nick Cannon has stated that he will be a father again in 2018, but the upcoming child will not be with Alyssa Scoot. This will be when he and the model Bre become parents. They are getting ready to become parents for the first time. People believe he will be a father to additional children this year, making this his eighth child overall.

When asked about the number of children he has, he always replies that he has a soft spot in his heart for little ones. Cannon and the model Brittany Bell are the parents of a son, born in February 2017, and a daughter, due in 2020. In 2021, DJ Abby De La Rosa became a mother to identical twin boys the following year.

In the latter part of that month, model Alyssa gave birth to the couple’s seventh child, a son they called Zen. At the moment, he is expecting a child with Tiesi, and on the other hand, Abby has also revealed her pregnancy but has not disclosed who the child’s father will be. This may be why some speculate that he will have three children this year.

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