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Alone Season 8 Champion On Bearing Down A Charging Grizzly, Feeding Deer Heart! Complete Interview

Clay Hayes, a flora and fauna biologist, grew to become an expert bow builder, Youtuber, and author, won Alone season eight after surviving seventy-four days in Chilko Lake, British Columbia. He overwhelmed cooling temperatures, hunger, and loneliness. 

He confronted a charging grizzly growler, followed a hill lion, and used to be the sole candidate to hit a deer. First, he consumed its heart, then inhaled its meat into jerky, brain-tanned its hide, and customary a cap out of its top. But of all his eager successes this season, Clay’s most impressive of succeeding himself out there.

For the uninitiated, Alone is one of TV’s most grueling actuality shows. Each season, wasteland professionals compete to live to tell the tale in one-of-a-kind excessive locations, and this yr the ever-present bears throughout Chilko Lake made for one of the series most audacious and dangerous difficulties. 

Every participant should camp in complete isolation, equipped with simply 10 items, a digital camera kit, undergo spray, and an emergency GPS for tapping out. 

Each week, contestants bear scientific exams and a speedy interview to ensure they’re healthful sufficient to proceed, and whoever remains the longest approaches $500,000. 

Clay wished seventy-four days to live much longer than his last opponent. However, he reckons he could’ve survived weeks longer if needed.

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While his winnings will go a lengthy way towards aiding his spouse and two sons, competing on Alone used to be greater than simply a shot at a half-million greenbacks for Clay. 

Below, the outdoorsman displays what he learned, what he hopes to instruct his son and humans staring at domestic via his performance, and how he conquered the most significant obstacle of all: his mind.

What did you kill while you had been out there, and what used to be your diet plan like?

When I first bought there, I killed a grouse, especially early on; I suppose it used to be inside the first couple of days. And I used to be ingesting some fireweed greens, and then there. What did it experience like killing that deer?

It used to be like the weight of the world was once lifted off my shoulders. It’s a demanding aspect because I was once ingesting possibly two or three oz. of fish each day. 

Before I moved out there, I won 20 pounds, and by way of the 1/3 week when I hit that deer, I had previously misplaced all the weight I gained. So I used to be dipping into my average physique weight after that. Stuff like that is pressing on your brain. 

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So to have all that stress lifted off of you, I do not know how to describe it. 

The process I examined to describe it was, suppose of yourself in a scenario where you misplaced your job, you are two months overdue on rent, the landlord’s defeat on your door, you can not locate a job. 

Your concern is to see driving on the road, and you spend your ultimate couple bucks on a scratch-off ticket, and you win. It’s that form of relief, like, “Oh my God.”

What used to be your first meal returned in the real world?

When they carry you back, you have to go through a restoration time, so you operate with a dietitian and all that material there and put your ingredients together. 

But when I left that recovery and went home, I used to be at a lodge in Vancouver, and I bought a double-decker cheeseburger, a bloodless IPA, and a cheesecake.

Would you go on Alone again?

When I first bought out of there, I stated I’d by no means do it again. But the sucking type fades after a while, and you begin thinking, “Well, maybe.” So if they presented something, I assume it might rely on the location. If it was once an excellent location, I do not suppose I may want to flip it down.

Final Words

It is all about Alone season 8 winner that you must know. I hope you like this post. Stay tuned with us for more updates and news!

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