After The Latest Wave of COVID-19, Screven County May Be Heading in The Right Direction

Due to the large number of COVID-19 infections that occurred, Screvens County lost some of their community members, while others are still battling the disease. Despite this, indicators have shown that local numbers can be funneled in a better direction.

There are an estimated 24 confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Screven County, but 15 others are still under investigation. Currently, there are a total of 86 hospitalizations for this disease.

As of September 9, there were 135 cases of PCR, or polymerase chain reaction, in the last two weeks. On the other hand, Antigen cases in the last two weeks are 201.

Since the pandemic began, the total number of PCR tests performed is 1,247 and the total of all cases since the start of the pandemic is 1,658. The positive rate is 30.4%, but the goal is for it to be less than 5%.

On the official website of the Centers for Disease Control and Detection, the percentage of the eligible population in Screven County that is fully vaccinated with the 2 doses was reported to be 34.8%. The good news is that vaccines are available at the Screven County Health Department on Tuesdays.

Mikki Saxon, the deputy director of the Screven County Emergency Management Agency, announced that the numbers “appear to be trending down, so fingers crossed we are almost on the other side of the peak in cases.” This is a good sign, as it means that this disease has been relatively controlled within the area.

The Syl-View Rehabilitation and Memory Care Center continues to operate in the best way despite the increase in cases that have occurred. Eligible hospital residents and staff got their first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and received a booster on September 8.

Additionally, Saxon said she spoke with Screven County School System officials to find out about the start of face-to-face classes. The officials informed him that everything was going wonderfully.

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Final words

Doctor and Superintendent Jim Thompson reported that the school system has only confirmed one positive case of COVID-19 infection since students returned to face-to-face classes after the Labor Day holiday. Likewise, he said there are 4 staff members out for COVID-19 currently.

Similarly, Thompson told school board members at the monthly board meeting on Monday, “At the present time, we have improved mask mitigation and changed some procedures.”

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