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After She Participates In ‘The Activist’ Priyanka Chopra Publicly Apologizes

In the face of what was a violent reaction from Priyanka Chopra Jonas in the role that she played in the popular program “The Activist,” the public’s reactions did not wait. The reality television program presented with a format based on competition and activism is represented by different figures.

Before the strong criticism that caused the participation of the actress, the producers would have said that it is a program with a unique style of competition, with actions that can inspire a real change in people.

The reality is that now after the show caused such controversy, the show’s format will change from being a competition series to a documentary show.

A press release has made it known that the series would be developed with two teams of three activists each, represented by prominent figures who must work together to bring about a significant change in global causes of vital importance such as the environment, health, and education.

In the face of this announcement, detractors have reacted on social networks and have expressed their criticism so that activism continues to be presented in the form of competition.

Faced with the controversy and furious reactions on social media, Chopra turned to her Instagram account to let her followers and the show’s followers know that the show made a mistake. The actress, who would have scheduled the competition for about five weeks with Julianne Hough and Usher, has offered her apology in writing.

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Among what she has written, she assures that she is very sorry that her participation in the program has disappointed many people in the audience. She says that the program’s intention is always to highlight the work of many activists and the impact that the causes they strongly support have on society.

Many of them serve as inspiration, and she asserts that she has been truly moved by the audience’s reaction and the power of her voices that were swift after her performance last week.

Regarding the change of format; She has expressed her joy, she claims to be in favor of activist stories being the highlight, and she is proud to be a contributor to the professional team representing the program.

Many came together to raise their voices for her and have been heard, and activism has a cause and effect.

She relies on the new program format to promote the stories of many activists who fight tirelessly for their causes every day to create change, although they are often not recognized and remain anonymous.

Final Words

Priyanka Chopra has thanked everyone for what they do and said that all activists deserve to be recognized and celebrated for their important work. This has been part of her statement on social networks after a week of harsh criticism of the program.

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