Acer Shows Off Its First Consumer Gpu The Intel Predator Arc A770
Acer Shows Off Its First Consumer Gpu The Intel Predator Arc A770

Acer Shows Off Its First Consumer GPU The Intel Predator Arc A770

Intel has given the final date for when its A770 GPU will be available (graphics processing unit). On October 12, you will be able to buy the most expensive Arc Alchemist unit. Team Blue is launching its new graphics cards with the help of a few AIB partners. Gunnir, ASRock, and MSI have shown what their designs look like so far. But Acer is the latest company to join the group.

Acer is known for its high-end laptops and gaming accessories. With its first-generation Intel graphics cards, it is now getting into the discrete GPU market. The company’s Predator lineup was recently set in stone. Find out more about the Acer A770 below.

Acer Shows Off Its First Consumer Gpu, The Intel Predator Arc A770

With The Arc A770 Predator, Acer Will Enter The Market For Separate GPUs

Because of its one-of-a-kind hybrid design that combines open-air and blower-style cooling, Acer’s iteration of the A770 has been given the name Predator BiFrost. In the history of the discrete GPU market, no other strategy has ever been seen quite like this one. To what degree it works better than a conventional open-air or blower-style graphics card is something that has yet to be determined.

Users will be able to immediately recognize, based on the graphic that Acer has displayed, that the GPU utilizes a 2.5-slot configuration. The graphics card features a total of four heat pipes that work to remove excess heat from the card. It also has RGB compatibility. Even the rims of the huge fan that is designed for open-air cooling appear to be equipped with LED implementation, and they shine with RGB illumination.

It appears that the blower-style intake fan also has RGB lighting, as does the Predator branding that is located on the side of the GPU.

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The company, on the other hand, has not disclosed whether it will be manufacturing the 8 GB or 16 GB variant of the graphics card. The presence of two eight-pin connectors on the card is evidence that it is an ARC A770. This particular GPU has an ACM-G10 graphics processing unit (GPU) with 32 Xe cores and provides superior ray tracing capability.

Since Intel has decided not to make Founders Edition versions of the 8 GB A770, Acer might make Predator BiFrost versions of both the A770 and the A750.

The Predator BiFrost A770 seems like a stylish graphics card. Its design language is out of the ordinary and different from what other AIB partners usually do. With its new way of cooling, Acer has shown that innovation is still alive and well. But no one knows how well this combination of the two cooling methods will work in real life.

There are pros and cons to both open-air cooling and blower-style designs. If you mix and match these two styles of custom GPU, you might be able to make a graphics card that solves the problems that each style has. Time will tell if this design will be the next big thing or a total failure.

Intel’s A770 has been priced at $330, which is a fair price. The graphics card aims to be as fast as the RTX 3060 Ti and the Radeon RX 6650 XT. Both of these models cost more than the ARC version of the same thing.

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