The rest of the prices for the A700-series GPUs from Intel Arc: A750 lands below $300 on October 12
The rest of the prices for the A700-series GPUs from Intel Arc: A750 lands below $300 on October 12

The Prices For the A700-Series GPUs From Intel Arc: A750 Drops Below $300 on October 12

Intel’s mid-range GPU option costs less than $300, a key price point. But will that price be worth it based on how well it works?

Intel’s line of high-end graphics cards is almost ready to go on sale, so we’re learning more about pricing, release dates, performance, and availability. Today, Intel answered more of these questions about the A700-series GPUs. They also said that each Arc A700-series card is the answer to Nvidia’s RTX 3060, which is 18 months old.

After announcing that its A770 GPU would cost $329 earlier this week, Intel clarified that it would launch three A700-series products on October 12: the $329 Arc A770, which has 8GB of GDDR6 memory; the $349 Arc A770 Limited Edition, which has 16GB of GDDR6 memory and a slightly higher memory bandwidth, but otherwise has the same specs; and the $289 A750 Limited Edition, which is a bit less powerful.

If you missed the announcement about the GPU that costs less than $300, the A750 LE is a binned version of the A770 chipset. It has 87.5 percent of the shader units, and ray tracing (RT) teams turned on, and it also has a slightly reduced always-on boost clock. If you missed that announcement, you could read it here (2.05 GHz, compared to 2.1 GHz on both A770 models).

Prices For The Rest Of The Gpus In The Intel Arc A700 Series: A750 Comes Out On October 1. 12 Under $300
Prices For The Rest Of The Gpus In The Intel Arc A700 Series: A750 Comes Out On October 1. 12 Under $300


Intelligence had previously announced that sales of new GPUs from the Arc A700 series before January 2023 would come with a bundle of downloaded games and software. These include the most recent edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Gotham Knights, and other titles.

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Intel representatives wouldn’t tell the press how many of its first three A700-series GPUs had been shipped, but they did say that the A770 LE with more memory was running low on stock: Tom Petersen, who works for Intel Graphics, told Ars, “I think we’ll sell that very quickly.” He didn’t want to say whether he thought Intel’s A700 GPUs would sell quickly.

“We don’t know if we’ll have a supply or demand problem,” he said. I think there will be too much demand.” He then confirmed that Intel plans to make its GPU models in the long run rather than stop making “LE” models while there may still be demand.

Intel didn’t say which add-on board (AIB) partners would be part of the launch of the A700 series in October. This made the question of GPU availability even more confusing. Petersen brushed it off by saying that third-party GPU makers would make their announcements. He then said he wanted to add more Arc-powered AIBs to his lineup.

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