A Threatening Covid Variant Reaches The United States


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Concerns about a recent Covid variant believed to be immune to vaccines and natural infection antibodies fill most of the states, including Texas. Because of this, the World Health Organization continues its serious monitoring.

Texas lost 57,000 people due to the pandemic. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds run out in hospitals. To make things worse, a downturn is still expected. This is due to the arrival of a new Covid variant. It is reportedly capable of overcoming vaccines and this could overwhelm the Texas healthcare system. 

The newest coronavirus variant called “Mu” is being closely monitored by the World Health Organization (WHO). This variant is known to evade vaccines and natural immunity. But WHO has reiterated that more studies will be conducted to know the effects of Mu on the vaccination campaigns. The US government is keeping an eye on this new variant as it has arrived in all states aside from Nebraska according to Dr. Fauci.

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People are exceedingly worried of the new Mu variant for the following reasons:

A Lockdown Looms in the United States Due to Vaccine Resistant Variants

Texas probably never had a strict lockdown, since Governor Greg Abbott has emphasized the value of being responsible many times during the pandemic. The recent vaccine drive has relatively helped delay the Covid-19 spread. However, if the new vaccine-resistant variants dominate, Texas and all the other states will suffer from high cases of infection, hospitalizations, and even deaths because of the variants’ ability to overcome the immunity acquired from the vaccines.

With its high probability of happening, many states will be forced to impose lockdowns to delay the spread. The number of hospitalizations and deaths will then determine how long the restrictions will take effect, even if authorities may say only a few weeks. 

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Rapid Covid-19 Mutation.

The vice-chair of medicine for data integrity and analytics and professor of Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Stuart Ray shares “Viral evolution is a bit like a ticking clock. The more we allow infections to occur, the more likely changes will occur. When we have lots of people infected, we give more chances to the virus to diversify and then adapt to selective pressures.

Lewis Nelson, MD, professor and clinical chair of emergency medicine and chief of the Division of Medical Toxicology at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Newark adds, “the problem is if the virus changes in such a way that the spike protein — which the antibodies from the vaccine are directed against — are no longer effective at binding and destroying the virus, and the virus escapes immune surveillance,”

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“Cases (of Mu) have been reported in the UK, Europe, the US, and Hong Kong. While the variant makes up less than 0.1% of Covid infections globally, it may be gaining ground in Colombia and Ecuador where it accounts for 39% and 13% of Covid cases respectively.” as reported by The Guardian

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