A Friend of The Family Episode 5
A Friend of The Family Episode 5

Where To Watch “A Friend of The Family Episode 5” For Free?

Some people may find the real-life crime drama A Friend of the Family unsettling. Even so, it’s a treat for anyone who enjoys thrillers. These episodes are part of a shorter series. Robert Berchtold and his family the Brobergs serve as inspiration for the show.

It debuted on Peacock on October 6th. As of October 6, you could watch the pilot and the first four episodes online. Since the first four seasons of A Friend of the Family have already aired viewers are eager to see what happens in Season 5.

A Friend of the Family episode 5 Release Date 

The fifth installment of A Family Friend will air on Thursday, Peacock 13th, October 2022. The first four episodes were canceled at the same time as previously announced. This allowed viewers a substantial amount of time to settle in and get the hang of the show.

A Friend of The Family Episode 5
A Friend of The Family Episode 5

All future episodes will be released exclusively on Thursdays. Peacock is the only place to watch the show right now. It won’t be on any of the other major streaming services, so don’t bother looking there. Next week’s episode is titled “The Bitter Cup.” The episode’s fifth script was written by Brian Evenson.

The Entire Schedule of A Friend Of The Family

The miniseries format describes A Friend of the Family. As a result, there aren’t a lot of episodes to choose from. In particular, there will be nine episodes in the series. The first four episodes are available as is common knowledge. This next episode is included in the list below as a result.

  • The Bitter Cup – Episode 5: October 13 
  • Son of Perdition – Episode 6: 20 October 
  • The Great Deceive – Episode 7: October 27 
  • Episode 8: November 3 
  • Episode 9: November 10, 2022

What Can We Expect From Episode 5 Of A Friend Of The Family?

If you want to know what happened in episode 5 of A Friend of the Family, you can read a synopsis of it on IMDB. The summary implies that the Brobergs’ marriage has become strained. Bob and Mary Ann are in for some very rough times as a result of their mistake. However, B. appears to be tightening his grip on Jan.

A Friend of The Family Episode 5
A Friend of The Family Episode 5

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Do I Need A Subscription Plan To Watch A Friend Of The Family Episode 5?

Peacock is where you can watch the next episode. You can get access to the streaming service by signing up for a membership. There are two membership options available at this time: Premium (monthly $4.99) and Premium Plus (yearly $99.99).

The Premium plan includes advertisements while the Premium Plus plan does not. Additionally, the latter app enables viewers to save episodes for offline viewing. There is also no cost to use Peacock. However, if you want to watch A Friend of the Family on the service, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Can I Watch All Of The Episodes All At Once?

Unfortunately, the negative response is correct. Peacock may have released its first four episodes in a single day but each subsequent episode will follow the same basic structure. On Thursdays, viewers can catch up on the latest episodes.

A new episode of the show will be released every week. On November 10, the series finale of A Friend of the Family will air. As a result, we advise you to postpone your binge-watching of the series until Sunday, November 10.

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A Friend of The Family Episode 5
A Friend of The Family Episode 5

On November 10, when all episodes of the series are released, you will be able to watch the entire miniseries in a single sitting. In any other case, you’ll have to clear your schedule for the next few Thursdays if you want to see the show. Waiting until the series’ finale airs allows you to avoid paying for two months of a premium subscription and instead watch the show for one month.

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