A Doctor Denies Having Violated The Hippocratic Oath By Stating That She Will Not Treat Those Not Vaccinated Against COVID-19 In Person

A doctor denies having violated the Hippocratic Oath by stating that she will not treat those not vaccinated against COVID-19 in person

A doctor in Florida stated that she would no longer treat unvaccinated patients in person due to the increase in the Delta variant of COVID-19 throughout the state.

In South Miami, Dr. Linda Marraccini said during an exclusive interview with Newsweek on Saturday that she thinks politics is in the best interest of her patients, but she believes in science, so she is not violating the Hippocratic Oath.

She stated: “It is not fair for people who are not vaccinated to harm other people.”

Likewise, she confirmed that she has many immunosuppressed and chemotherapy patients who are at increased risk of being infected with the virus. In addition, she expressed her wish not to want them to be exposed to the virus in her office due to patients who have not yet been vaccinated.

During the interview, she said: “The Hippocratic Oath is very science-based. I am following science. I am applying this for the benefit of the sick.” She emphasized that the Hippocratic Oath speaks of prevention. She said she decided after she continued to see patients in person during the pandemic.

She said her policy would begin on September 15. The doctor will continue to treat patients not vaccinated against COVID-19 but in a purely virtual way. In addition, she stated that she would make exceptions with these patients if they cannot receive the vaccine due to some difficulties or if they need prescriptions.A doctor denies having violated the Hippocratic Oath by stating that she will not treat those not vaccinated against COVID-19 in person

She said, “We are not going to leave you out in the cold.”

She said that if a patient disagrees with the vaccine, other doctors will provide primary care. However, she said that, in her opinion, the response was 99.9% favorable. All people should be well informed about the vaccine and determine its role during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it may have lasted for less time than it has.

“Responsibility has to do with each individual,” Marraccini said. “This is a global health problem, and everyone has a share of that responsibility.”

In Florida, COVID-19 cases have skyrocketed. Last Friday, there were approximately 32,301 new cases per day, a little more than double the previous month’s average (15,818 cases per day). These data were provided by Hopkins University, which further reported that 55% of the state’s total population had been vaccinated.

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Final words

COVID-19 cases began to increase on a large scale in early summer due to the Delta variant, which is highly communicable.

A group of South Florida doctors urged people to get vaccinated in August amid the surge in cases. They said the vast majority of hospitalized patients weren’t getting vaccinated when most should have.

Dr. Marraccini is just one of many doctors who have refused to treat unvaccinated patients. A few days ago, an Alabama doctor announced that as of October 1, she would no longer treat patients who refused the vaccine.

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