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A California House Nearly Squashed By Redwood Trees In A Storm

A California family was almost squashed by three falling redwoods – however, got away from hurt because of the peculiar way the monstrous trees descended over their RV, a report said.

The trees fell during a tremendous rainstorm in Kentfield on Sunday and arrived in a position where one got wedged between two others, video, and photographs by KGO-TV showed.

A piece of the tree arrived on a bed where father Matthew Boersma was having a rest, the family said.

Boersma woke up to the sound of his significant another shouting, with a tree that had crushed the family’s RV home in half facing his shoulder. He connected through an opening to tell his family he was OK, he said.

The two girls and two canines were unscathed, however, a third canine had passed on before the nerve-racking episode.

“Our dog had just passed the night before and I think that he was our guardian angel in saving his life,” she said into tears, introducing him to her husband. “Because had the tree not fallen over and not gotten wedged between two other trees, he would have been crushed.”

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