A Paywall Could Hide 4k Video Resolution On Youtube
A Paywall Could Hide 4k Video Resolution On Youtube

A Paywall Could Hide 4k Video Resolution On YouTube

It would appear that YouTube is interested in improving its video quality by experimenting with several alternatives for 4K resolution, but there is a catch.

A member on Reddit took a screenshot of the 4K choice while watching a film and posted it online, where the first mention of this test appeared. A label that reads “Premium Tap to upgrade” can be found directly below the 2160p resolution.

It is unclear how widespread YouTube has made this “test,” which is an interesting point of contention. There are comments on both sides of the argument, with some users can view a video in 4K even if they do not have a YouTube Premium membership, while others cannot view any of it at all. Even throughout our internal testing, we haven’t been able to find evidence of this requirement for videos.

A Paywall Could Hide 4k Video Resolution On Youtube

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A year ago, YouTube TV finally got 4K content that could be streamed, and offline downloads were added to make it even better. This led to a new package for members called 4K Plus, costing $10 a month for the first year and $20 a month after that. Remember that the 4K Plus package adds to the basic YouTube TV plan.

Therefore, it would not be too stretch for Google to place 4K streaming behind the Premium paywall. This is especially true because many large technology companies are beginning to notice that economic pressures are affecting their revenue. Google attributed its slower-than-expected growth during its earnings report for the second quarter to “economic challenges,” and the company also stated that advertisers were lowering their spending on YouTube.

YouTube presently provides two different types of memberships: one for YouTube Music, which costs $9.99 per month, and another with additional benefits that cost $11.99. The latter option provides customers with different capabilities, including the absence of advertisements and the ability to play videos and music in the background or offline for YouTube, YouTube Music, Kids, Gaming, and VR.

YouTube has not yet provided any information regarding the results of the limited testing it has recently conducted on the possibility of giving videos with a resolution of 4K to its Premium customers.

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