28 Reasons
28 Reasons

Red Velvet’s Seulgi Solo Debut “28 Reasons” Is Worth Listening

S.M. Entertainment released Seulgi’s first solo music video, “28 Reasons,” and we can’t stop listening to it.

Seulgi’s first solo song, “28 Reasons,” came out on October 4. It is a pop dance song with a groovy, heavy bass sound and whistling. In the song’s lyrics, a character who is both good and evil and has a pure interest in the person they like and a playful sense of humor brings up questions about the many reasons they are together. The MV has two sides: one where she looks evil and dark, and the other where she seems sweet and innocent. At the end of the MV, Seulgi’s two sides come together.

She talks about the relationship that broke her and kept her locked up, but that just made her a different person, and she does everything she can to get back at him. Seulgi of Red Velvet is all about breaking up in style, as shown by her outfits in the MV and her smooth vocals, which go well with it. The strong whistle tone adds a hook to the song, making it hard to stop listening, even though the music is otherwise accessible.

This album has a brand new track called “Anywhere But Home,” a disco-influenced R&B pop dance song. The lyrics, which describe a ride to an unknown location on a sleepless night, and Seulgi’s dreamy tone, work together to create a liberating and beautiful atmosphere. can perceive.

28 Reasons

Another song on the b-side is “Los Angeles,” an electronic dance music pop dance tune with a bold drop of techno sound that follows Seulgi’s laid-back voice. It has the thrill and expectation of discovering a new dream in a setting that is unfamiliar to you.

In addition, the song ‘Crown’ is an R&B pop dance track with powerful percussion repetition and a superb synth melody that completely overpowers you. The majesty was brought out to its full potential by a chorus that sounded like a cry.

In addition, Seulgi’s debut lyric song, “Dead Man Running,” clearly warns those who have wronged her in the past and an empty and vulnerable heart resulting from the scars.

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Seulgi’s passive voice and B.O.’s passionate rapping will create a different kind of chemistry on the song ‘Bad Boy, Sad Girl,’ which was produced in conjunction with the rapper B.O. Eight years after making her debut with Red Velvet, she is releasing her first album under her name as a solo artist with this album.

When Seulgi was asked if his solo, known as ‘All-Rounder,’ could be a little bit late, he responded by saying, “I’ve been preparing for a long time, but I’ve been preparing seriously since the beginning of this year.” I believe that the appropriate time is right now. I think that it would be more fitting for the color of the future for me to show my followers how to do a solo album when you have gained a little more expertise in the industry.”

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