2022's Facebook Advertising Trends that will continue in 2023

2022’s Facebook Advertising Trends that will continue in 2023

Despite its popularity, Facebook has continued to be one of the most visited websites since its inception. Nevertheless, it’s a gold mine for businesses because it allows them to reach different audiences and increase awareness of their businesses or influence their purchase decisions. Because of Facebook’s large and diverse audience, Facebook advertising has been a critical part of digital marketing strategies for years. You should keep these trends in mind before deciding on a Facebook advertising strategy for 2023.

2022's Facebook Advertising Trends that will continue in 2023

Trend#1. Video of Short Forms Continues to Grow

It looks like short-form video will maintain its position as the king of social media content in 2023. CTR for Facebook ads is highest for video content. With Tik Tok and Instagram reels, Facebook is determined not to be left behind in the short-form video content market.

More and more users are now seeing short-form video content on the platform. Users are more likely to engage with video content than static images.

It’s important to note that Facebook defaults to making videos soundless if you use short-form video content in your ads. Ensure your message can also be portrayed through visuals by actively turning on the sound. You must grab your audience’s attention in the first 3 seconds of your video to ensure the success of your short-form video content.

Trend #2. Mobile advertising is key

Despite dwindling tablet and desktop usage, mobile platforms have long outpaced desktops. It is, therefore, important for advertisers to tailor their efforts to the unique needs of mobile users.

In particular, 98.5% of Facebook users access the platform from their mobile devices. Considering this staggering statistic, advertisers who typically work on desktops must ensure that their ads are mobile-friendly and functional.

Media formatting is one of the most common mobile ad pitfalls. If an image is optimized for a desktop, it may appear distorted on mobile, which is not a good look for any company. Please pay attention to these small details, and give mobile ads the specs they need to get higher returns on your investment.

Mobile Advertising

Trend #3. Rising Facebook Ad Costs

The Facebook ad budgets are expected to double in 2023, and the Facebook ad budgets in 2022. Despite the popularity of other social networks, in 2023, Facebook will remain the number one platform in which brands will choose to invest their advertising budgets, despite the popularity of other social networks.

Due to the long history Facebook has in developing advertising concepts and placements, and it comes as no surprise that this is the case. Since the COVID19 pandemic, many brands have been forced to reduce their marketing activations in order to safeguard against the spread of the disease. They have redirected some of their advertising budgets into paid social media advertisements.

The amount of money invested into paid advertisements has increased yearly, so businesses in 2022 nearly doubled their spending on Facebook ads, which is expected again in 2023.

Trend #4. Augmented Reality Ads

With Facebook now offering brands the chance to use Augmented Reality (AR) within their ads, you don’t need a futuristic-looking headset to experience augmented reality.

Facebook’s augmented reality software is currently only available to a select group of individuals, but they are expected to make it available to everyone by the end of 2022. Expanded reality ads allow users to interact fully with a brand’s products and engage with the brand.

One of the popular examples of augmented reality ads on Facebook is the ability to “try on” different shades of lipstick or to “sit inside” a new car to experience driving it. You can stay forward of your competition by incorporating augmented reality into your Facebook ads. Augmented reality is crucial to marketing strategies across websites and social media platforms.

Trend#5. Facebook Ads Stories

Stories, also known as ephemeral content, are still prevalent in 2022. It is arguably one of Facebook’s trademark features to display news feeds.

Facebook is shifting its focus towards Facebook stories due to Snapchat and Instagram stories’ popularity for short-form, time-limited content. Videos and photos are available for 24 hours on Facebook stories. To view the story, users need to click on it, and when they do, photos appear for five seconds, and videos play for twenty.

Facebook Ad Stories

The platform suggests mixing mobile-shot content with studio-shot content (e.g., more polished and professional photos and videos) to get the best results for Facebook story ads

Additionally, Facebook has added a polling feature to its story ads that allow users to vote. It makes story ads more interactive, allowing advertisers to discover the sentiment of their audience. In this process, it will learn more about the business it is working with.

Instant results are possible with stories. The following statistics are based on Facebook’s Stories ads:

  • Over 60% of participants in their survey said they visited a brand’s website after seeing a Story about that brand.
  • According to their study, half of the participants go on Stories to find products.
  • According to 52% of respondents, stories should be easy to understand and read.

Trend#6. The new norm is personalized ads

Personalization will greatly return on investment for businesses that use it in advertising. It has been estimated that 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product if they feel the marketing efforts are tailored to their needs.

Putting together an assortment of products and services that match a customer’s profile requires more than just getting the prospect’s name right in the header. Creating an easy conversion process for the customer depends on estimating and anticipating their needs.


Please use Facebook as a platform for executing social media advertising strategies. Your business can reach a broad audience with this social media site and customize your ads, so the right people see them. Eventually, you will need to comprehend what advertising strategies work for your business, regardless of how trends come and go. Please try madgicx for just 15 days, risk-free, to see if it makes a difference in how you design your Facebook ads.


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