TikTok: What is The Song That Defines My Life Challenge?

While in quarantine, TikTok provides a plethora of tasks for everyone to participate in. There have been dancing challenges, such as the Carole Baskin TikTok dance, hazardous tasks, such as the Nutmeg Challenge, and some truly weird challenges, such as the Ice Cube Challenge!

This is the one for you if you want something a little simpler than them, a task that takes considerably less work.

The Song That Defines My Life challenge is one of TikTok’s newest challenges, and it’s actually very fascinating.

What Is The Song That Defines My Life Challenge?

The task is utilizing a website to determine which music is most closely linked with your life. After that, you video yourself discovering the solution and responding to it. It’s usually a song that was hot on your 14th birthday that defines your life.

How To Do The Song That Defines My Life Challenge

  • Put your phone or laptop in screen record mode, or video yourself entering your birthdate on the website using your phone.
  • After you’ve entered your birthdate on the website, it will suggest the song that best describes your life.
  • After that, you may post your findings on TikTok.
  • After then, a large number of individuals decide to play the music and respond to it in a TikTok video!

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Why Is The Song Always Related To Your 14th Birthday?

If you tried this challenge on multiple people or birthdays, you will find out that the result is always a song popular on your 14th birthday. However, why is this?

No one truly understands what makes your 14th birthday so unique in contrast to prior birthdays. However, it appears that this is the music that has completely changed my life. Maybe it’s because when you reach fourteen, you’ve officially become a teenager, and this marks the beginning of your adolescence, a period when you begin to exercise your own independence.

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