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Jennifer Aniston doing ‘five day 800 calories a day fast’ ahead of reunion
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Jennifer Aniston is doing a ‘five day 800 calories a day fast’

James Gray

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James Gray

Is this speedy diet the reason for Aniston’s amazing youthful looks?

With her glowing complexion, the body to rival a 21-year-old and her ageless style, Jennifer Aniston makes headlines daily, leaving everyone in disbelief as she turns 51 next month – but has she just revealed a secret to her eternal youth? A Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD), ProLon.

Ahead of the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards and her reunion with her EX Brad Pitt, Jennifer has been spotted sipping from a bottle of hibiscus tea – which is part of a Hollywood diet plan that sees you consume between750 to 1100 calories per day.

ProLon, is a £200 five-day fast mimicking diet clinically proven to naturally promote regeneration and repair. Meals include plant-based energy bars, soups, a variety of snacks, drinks, and supplements, made with ingredients that have been studied and designed to nourish your body and promote regenerative changes.  

Nutritionist Kim Pearson who works with a number of celebrities and high profile individuals, recently helping Matt Smith get into shape for his role in new Marvel film Morbius, recommends fasting mimicking diets and explains why they are popular amongst her celebrity clients.

“It’s easy to understand why a fast mimicking diet like ProLon is appealing for Jennifer Anniston. Celebrities have to balance out tiring schedules involving long days of filming and regular long haul flights with looking their best for photo shoots and red carpet events.

They feel pressure to look their best just like everyone else, only the eyes of the world are on them. Using a fast mimicking diet is ideal.

Not only has it been proven to promote cellular regeneration and slow down ageing processes, it’s also a healthy way to lose body fat quickly but healthily. It’s practical too, which is important for all of my clients with busy schedules.

There are five days’ worth of specially designed plant based meals which provide your body with essential nutrients to keep energy levels up. It means you can achieve the health benefits of an extended water only fast, without having to go without food.”

The benefits of fasting are well-documented but as Pearson explains, “Believing that fasts like the 16:8 & 5:2 are ‘true fasting’ is misleading.

Leading experts like Professor Valter, the leading expert in fasting and longevity, argue that you have to be in a fasted state for three days or more to experience benefits such as increased autophagy and stem cell generation.

While less extreme approaches may have benefits, experts argue they aren’t true fasting. For any people the thought of giving up food and surviving solely on water makes the idea of fasting challenging.

What is FMD (Fast Mimicking Diet)?

The FMD (Fast Mimicking Diet) is a ground-breaking five-day plant-based meal programme that nourishes the body while convincing it that it is in full- on fasting mode. The FMD has means that for the first time in history fasting with food is possible.”