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Mark Wahlberg to support a London food waste charity ‘The Felix Project’

James Gray

Owner/Editor at Busara Ltd
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James Gray

On Tuesday 17th of December, Mark Wahlberg and Chef Paul Wahlberg will host a press conference to announce the launch of the charity pledge from Wahlburgers UK to The Felix Project.

In line with Wahlburgers’ commitment to their presence in the UK to become part of the community the restaurant group today announce their partnership with London-based food waste charity The Felix Project.

Prompted by The Homeless Fund campaign, The Felix Project was selected as a charity partner because, through food, they support frontline charities in London that tackle issues like homelessness as well as supporting communities from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Felix Project have aligned Wahlburgers with Greenhouse Sports, a charity they support that provides sports coaching and mentoring to young Londoners from disadvantaged backgrounds, supporting two areas of particular importance to the Wahlberg family; sports and nutrition.

“We are committed to not only making our restaurant in London a success, but also being an extension of the community around us and finding a charity where we can both add value but also understand and agree with its ethos is important to us”, adds Mark Wahlberg. 

Wahlburgers UK is committing to two paid apprenticeship schemes that will be awarded to two 15-19 year olds. Additionally the young adults are being tasked with creating The Felix Burger that will be added to the new Wahlburgers’ menu, with a £1 donation for each ordered going directly to The Felix Project.

In addition to the designation dish for donation and the apprenticeship pledge, Wahlburgers has also joined The Felix Project Green Scheme, that sees surplus food recovered by Felix volunteers from restaurants, shops and delis in central London an redistributed to local charities.

This is part of the charity’s overall operations in London, which currently rescue and deliver enough surplus food for 6.5 million meals a year helping to address the recently publicised statistics that today in London 1.5 million adult Londoners experience hunger (1 in every 5 adult Londoners) and 400,000 children live in households short of regular healthy food*. *Source Mayor of London.

Mark Curtin, The Felix Project’s CEO, said: “We are delighted to be Wahlburgers’ charity partner of choice. The funds raised by the new Felix Burger will help us keep tackling hunger in London, and adding Wahlburgers to our list of food supply partners means we can rescue more surplus food and deliver more meals to those people in London experiencing hunger.

Mark and the team have a clear mission to be an active, positive and responsible member of their local community, something we are fully committed to in London.”