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London Bridge attack Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt Vigil #StopThePolitics

James Gray

Owner/Editor at Busara Ltd
I am a published writer, journalist and photo-journalist. I have an MA in Creative Writing and Journalism from the University of Wales and my journalism has been published in a number of UK national newspapers including 'the Observer'. My photo-journalism has been represented by Agence France-Presse.
James Gray

Following the horrific London Bridge attack, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn are to attend the vigil for Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt at the Guildhall Yard in the city of London at 11am today.

Can I just beg that for once, that we listen to the words of Jack Merritt’s family and we honour the victims by keeping the politics out of it.

Please #stopthepolitics and political point scoring. If you want to honour their memory and not look like a hypocrite, just listen to what they were looking to achieve.


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