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Jennifer Arcuri and Boris Johnson
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Boris Johnson’s one-night stand Jennifer Arcuri, tells him to be a man

James Gray

Owner/Editor at Busara Ltd
I am a published writer, journalist and photo-journalist. I have an MA in Creative Writing and Journalism from the University of Wales and my journalism has been published in a number of UK national newspapers including 'the Observer'. My photo-journalism has been represented by Agence France-Presse.
James Gray

The American tech entrepreneur, Jennifer Arcuri dished the dirt, on her former fling, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and told him to ‘Man up’.

She has accused the Prime Minister Boris Johnson of leaving her heartbroken and treating their four-year relationship like a one-night stand, since it became public knowledge that he had been visiting her in her flat before he became the British Prime Minister.

In an interview with the British ITV with Journalist John Ware, she claims that Boris Johnson is refusing to take her phone calls and cutting her off before they can have a conversation.

In the interview which was broadcast on Sunday, she directly addresses him saying that she is a true confidante of his and has always been faithful and supportive of him. Even after he ignored her when he became Prime Minister, after having a relationship and him promoting her business whilst Mayor of London.

When asked, Arcuri refused to divulge the extent of their relationship but makes it very obvious that they were close for a number of years and has previously said, it is not as if there is a video of us banging, is there?

Arcuri claims that Boris was worried about being public about their relationship, because of all the questions or proprietary that it would raise. This is because when Boris became London mayor in 2008 he would have signed a code of conduct which require that he would not use the authority and power of his position to gain financial or other benefits for himself, his family, or his friends.

If what she claims is true then this could be very damaging accusation against the Prime Minister, whilst he fights both the Brexit and Labour Parties in the run up to polling day on the 12th December.

The Prime Minister, Johnson has denied any impropriety or breaking any rules. However, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has been asked to consider whether he should be investigated for misconduct in public office over his failure to declare his relationship to Arcuri.