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Aaron Carter court order
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Aaron Carter claims twin sister lied about domestic violence

James Gray

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James Gray

A Los Angeles court on Tuesday extended the domestic violence restraining order Angel Carter has out against her twin brother Aaron Carter.

According to court documents, the order protecting Angel, 31, from her brother, has now been extended a full year until November 19th 2020.

The “Aaron’s Party” singer, 31, will not be able to come within 100 yards of his sister Angel, and her husband Corey Conrad, as well as their place of business and their home. He has been ordered by the court not to “harass or threaten them in any way, and this includes online and on social media.”

Angel previously claimed in court documents that Aaron had “threatened the lives” of her, Conrad, and their daughter Harper during a phone call on Sept. 5. Aaron allegedly told her, “I have people that would come and harm you.”

As part of the new ruling, Aaron will also be unable to possess firearms for another year. He had originally been asked to surrender any weapons in his possession on Sept. 20, when the temporary order went into effect.

He was told by a judge in court that he is too dangerous to own any firearms. He allegedly responded to that ruling with screams of anger, saying that he would go out of state and buy more guns.