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US Democrats Impeach Donald Trump
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Democrats impeach Trump

James Gray

Owner/Editor at Busara Ltd
I am a published writer, journalist and photo-journalist. I have an MA in Creative Writing and Journalism from the University of Wales and my journalism has been published in a number of UK national newspapers including 'the Observer'. My photo-journalism has been represented by Agence France-Presse.
James Gray

I was sitting in a pretty muddy tent in a rather wet field last night, enjoying the end of a Yorkshire autumn. It gave me a bit too much time to think.

I probably have this totally wrong and tend to believe in c@ck up theory rather than conspiracy theories, but it did occur to me whilst siting in that tent that the US Democrats may have played a blinder with holding back right to the last possible moment to impeach Donald Trump.

My conspiracy theory is that, they knew damn well it would be nigh on impossible to get rid of him in his first presidential term and that the chaos and mud slinging that would follow if their attempt succeeded or not, was not worth the effort.

If they had succeeded it would have also given the Republican’s enough time to regroup and stand up a replacement, as well as getting in place the party machine required to fight the Democrats in 2020.

They may have decided to use a good old British metaphor ‘give the man enough rope to hang himself’, and he seems pretty good at doing this.

By their waiting they have given him enough time to cause as many arguments between himself and the GOP that are humanly possible and alienate what is left of his base within the apparatchik of the party itself. Who is going to risk their career to take a metaphorical bullet for him?

If my theory is correct, by playing the long-game and waiting to impeach him right at the end, he has done most of their heavy lifting for them himself, no other help needed.

He has potentially left his own party facing a presidential election year with probably no Trump, and no heir apparent to replace him.

Long live the king, or is it more a case that vengeance is often a dish best served cold?